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Wellington Arch

Wellington Arch stands tall and proud purveying the surrounding area of Hyde Park corner, almost as if it has spent its entire life in the same position. In fact, it was built between 1826 and 1830 by designer Decimus Burton and intended to be an outer entrance for Buckingham Palace and moved into his current position in 1882.

The iconic arch is crowned with Europe’s largest bronze sculpture depicting the Angel of Peace descending on a four horsed chariot. This iconic arch has long since become an integral part of the London experience for visitors to the city, standing guard over the grand Royal Park that stretches out beyond its towering presence.  

Hyde Park Corner
Apsley Way

Tel: 0207 930 2726
Opening Times: Wed-Sun: 10am-5pm
Adult : £4.00
Child : £2.40
Senior Citizen: £3.60
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