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Trafalgar Square

To get a good understanding of London and its history, a visit to the Trafalgar Square will help you learn the basics of this Great City. The site was already a renowned landmark but was renamed in commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar led by Nelson, whose statue stands imperiously 170 feet over the centre of London.

The fountains are constantly populated by pigeons as much as they are people, decorated with dolphins, tritons and mermaids. Aside from Nelson’s Column, there are three bronze statues in each corner of the square; Major General Sir Henry Havelock, General Sir Charles James Napier and King George IV. The fourth plinth remained empty for a number of years and now hosts newly commissioned artwork on a rotational basis.

The National Gallery, Admiralty Arch and St. Martin-in-the-Fields church stand equally as impressively around three sides of the square. It has long since been recognised as the centre for protest and demonstration, with rallies starting or ending in the square supporting a whole range of political and social issues.

Trafalgar Square
Opening Times: Open 24 hours

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    When Gloria passes away after a prolonged illness, her children and grandchildren mark her passing with a traditional Jamaican Nine Night Wake that brings together friends and relatives for a party full of music, food and sharing stories that lasts over one week. The endless parade of mourners pushes the family to the brink in the West End transfer of Natasha Gordon's touching drama, directed by Roy Alexander Weise.

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