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The Gherkin

Nicknamed ‘The Gherkin’ due to the shape of its design, 30 St Mary Axe has instantly become one of the most prominent buildings in the London skyline since opening in 2004. Lord Foster oversaw the design and the St Mary Axe name given to the street is named after an old church that used to contain an axed apparently used by Attila the Hun. On either side of the building there are curved stone benches containing 20 lines of  ‘Arcadian Dream Garden’.

It is used as a commercial place of business and contains 41 stories, standing at 591 feet tall, in what used to be the site of the Baltic Exchange and Chamber of Shipping. It is rarely open to the public, although on occasion, when part of the Open House programme, those eager to peek inside can take a look around for a brief period of time.

30 St Mary Axe

Tel: 020 7182 3235
Opening Times: Open 24Hours
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