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Sealife London Aquarium

Located in County Hall, at the beating heart of the South Bank, the Sealife Aquarium allows intrepid visitors to come face to face with exotic creatures of the deep. Sharks are naturally a major attraction: the Shark Reef Encounter stars some 16 of them, and begins with a trip down a glass walkway – the Shark Walk – just inches above their heads. Visitors can learn more about the misunderstood beasts, and even touch their surprisingly prickly skin. Another major new area is devoted to the Gentoo penguin. Far from the traditional zoo experience, it transports participants to an Arctic research station where penguin viewing takes place in an ice cave. Other themed areas are devoted to rays, dwarf crocodiles and jellyfish.

County Hall
Westminster Bridge Road

Tel: 0871 663 1678
Opening Times: Open daily, 10am-6pm (weekends until 7pm)
Adult : £20.70
Child : £15.00
Senior Citizen: £20.70

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    Sealife London Aquarium

    Until Sunday 31st December 2017

    See if you can find the Amakusa, Lion’s Mane, Sea Nettle or spot Aurelia Aurita. Is Cassiopea the right way around and how big can it grow? All are jellyfish, part of the new display at Sea Life London Aquarium from 1 April 2017. Discover, understand and be wowed by jellyfish facts – like the fact that jellyfish have survived over 500 million years!

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