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Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory can be found in Greenwich Park, calmly overlooking the nearby River Thames. This historical structure was established in 1965 by King Charles II, with the site designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Around the world it is known as the location of the Prime Meridian, longitude zero. What this means in real terms is that every place in Earth is measured in distance either East or West to the line.

The observatory features the Great Equatorial Telescope at its centre, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Special events are held throughout the year where members of the public get the chance to look through the magnificent device out into deep space. Visitors can also enjoy the Planetarium and Astronomy Centre, which takes you on a journey through the expanse of the universe from the comfort of your seat.

Blackheath Avenue
SE10 8XJ

Tel: 020 8858 4422
Opening Times: Open daily, 10am-5pm
Adult : £7.00
Child : £2.00
Senior Citizen: £5.00
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