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Regents Park

With a coverage area of over 395 acres, Regents Park has remained one of London’s most treasured green spaces for centuries. As one of eight Royal Parks in London, it was Henry VIII who first claimed the land in the mid-16th century, and it has remained under the ownership of the Crown ever since. The park is named after Prince Regent, who would later go on to become King George IV.

Visitors can take their time to enjoy the wide green expanse of the park which contains over 12,000 rose in Queen Mary’s Garden. There are ducks aplenty on the like, and you can choose to rent a boat and take a leisurely row across its calm waters. During the spring and summer the Open Air Theatre is in use, and London Zoo can also be found in the grounds. If you want one of the clearest views of London, walk up Primrose Hill to take in the sights of the great city.

Chester Road

Tel: 0300 061 2300
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 5am-8pm
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