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National Portrait Gallery

The clue as to what is inside the National Portrait Gallery lies in its title. Opened as the world’s first portrait gallery in 1856, it is home to a collection of portraits of some of the most important British people in history. This differs slightly to normal art galleries where the artist is given prominence, but here the opposite is true. The collection includes everything from paintings, sculptures and drawings through to photographs and caricatures.

Some of the more famous pictures sitting in the gallery include those of William Shakespeare, Edward VI, the Bronte sisters and a sculpture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert dressed in mediaeval costume. Until 1969 all portraits were of those who had died, but this changed to include notable figures who were still alive.

2 St Martin's Place

Tel: 020 7306 0055
Opening Times: Open daily, 10am-6pm (Thu and Fri until 9pm)
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