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London Zoo

London Zoo has long been one of the main attractions for residents of the UK as well as the millions of visitors who travel to these shores on holiday every year. It is the world’s oldest scientific zoo, stretching back to its opening in 1828, still managed by the Zoological Society of London. This is an attraction for adults as much as it is kids because it is often the only time they will get to see any of these wild animals in the flesh.

The Reptile House remains hugely popular, housing pythons, boa constrictors and a whole host of deadly snakes. Penguins are always a hit with the kids due to their playful nature, and feeding time in the monkey or gorilla sections tend to be a lot of fun. Giraffes and elephants slumber around their paddocks, while lions and tigers parade proudly in front of the human eyes. It’s still one of the best days out in London, offering a truly memorable experience.

Outer Circle
Regent’s Park

Tel:  020 7492 1561
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm
Adult : £20.00
Child : £15.50
Senior Citizen: £18.50
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