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London Transport Museum

Covering two sites in Central London, the London Transport Museum provides a detailed history on the many public transport systems that have inhabited the streets of the capital over the past 200 years. The museum holds almost 500,000 items that reveal the link between the growth of London society and culture with the transportation needs of the people living in the city.

Visitors can reflect on the rare pieces of artwork and posters that were once used as promotional tools for public transport in its various forms. The exhibition guides you through each year up to the modern day, covering everything from a horse-drawn bus and modern day tram vehicles. From taxi’s to trains, tubes and buses, this is the most comprehensive examination of the history of transportation in London.

Covent Garden Piazza

Tel: 020 7379 6344
Opening Times: Open Mon-Thu, Sat and Sun 10am-6pm; Fri, 11am-6pm
Adult : £15.00
Child : £11.50
Senior Citizen: £11.50
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