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London Bridge Experience

Those who enjoy the darker, gothic history of London will love the London Bridge Experience. Situated in the hidden tombs of London Bridge, this ghostly attraction takes visitors back in time to reveal the dark secrets associated with the famous bridge. Fans of horror will revel in this immersive theatrical guided tour, as they join Queen Boudica’s Iceni tribe in a battle against the Romans.

Jack the Ripper lurks in the hidden depths waiting to jump out on his next victim, and watch The Keeper of The Heads readying another victim on the spikes of the bridge. After first being built in 53 A.D., London Bridge has centuries of intrigue and mysteries to reveal to visitors brave enough to venture into the depths of its structure.

2-4 Tooley Street
London Bridge

Tel: 0800 0434 666
Opening Times: Open daily, 10am-5pm (weekends until 6pm)
Adult : £23.00
Child : £17.00
Senior Citizen: £21.00
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