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Kew Palace

Kew Palace may be Britain’s smallest royal palace but its history is as rich as any other royal residence in the UK. Found in Kew Gardens, the building dates back to 1631 although much of the original structure no longer exists, with the beautifully elegant Dutch House now the main survivor.

It become a royal residence in the early 18th century when George II and Queen Caroline arrived with their family. The building features few of the grand trappings you come to expect with royal homes which is what separates it from many of the other grander, opulent properties used by royal members. George III is its most  famous resident and it is believed that the King fell ill in Kew Palace with his ‘madness’ leaving a long list of doctors unable to find a cure. He experienced several bouts of illness from 1788 through to 1811, where a regency was declared and his son George IV ruled as his proxy.

Kew Palace
Royal Botanic Gardens
Opening Times: Kew Palace is closed during winter and will re-open on 29 March 2018.
Adult : £12.50
Child : £2.50
Senior Citizen: £11.25
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