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Handel and Hendrix in London

Classical composer George Frideric Handel and legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix come together in one museum to celebrate their genius. While their styles are a million miles apart, it is a little known fact that they lived in properties next door to each other, albeit 200 years apart.

Handel lived and composed much of his most famous work at 25 Brook Street, while Hendrix spent the summer of 68 using 23 Brook Street as his base while he performed, wrote and recorded some of his most legendary songs. Both properties are open for the public to explore, celebrating the lives and artistry of two of music’s most iconic figures.

25 Brook Street (Entrance via Lancashire Court)

Tel: 020 7495 1685
Opening Times: Open every: Mon - Sat 11am - 6pm
Adult : £10.00
Child : £6.00
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