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Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Ampitheatre

With pieces of art dating as far back as 1670 to the present day, the Guildhall Art Gallery is home to a collection of masterful Pre-Raphaelite works, 17th century portraits and a vast array of glorious paintings that detail the history of London. The current building was built in 1999 as a replacement for the original that was lost during the Blitz, designed to recreate the Gothic style of the nearby Guildhall.

Underneath the gallery rests London's Roman Amphitheatre, an ancient site that was built from wood by the ruling Roman Empire in AD70 and used to host gladiator games, public executions and animal fighting entertainment. The remains were only discovered in 1985 and some of the wooden benches that used to hold the 7,000 spectators can still be found there today,

Guildhall Yard

Tel: 020 7332 3700
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