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College Garden

College Garden is a private garden of Westminster Abbey in London, open to the public on some Tuesday and Thursday afternoons throughout the year.

College Garden has been in cultivation for over 900 years. The oldest surviving feature that can be seen today is the stone precinct wall, built in 1376, at the far end and on the east side. The 18th century Westminster School dormitory on the west side was designed by the Earl of Burlington. Four rather decayed statues of saints in the garden came originally from an altarpiece of 1686 and were carved by Arnold Quellin. The tall plane trees were planted in 1850. In 1993 a bronze sculpture of the Crucifixion by Enzo Plazzotta was presented and is at the south end of the garden. Nearby is a single water jet fountain installed in 2002.

Westminster's Abbey

Tel: 020 7222 5152
Opening Times: See website
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