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Chapter House and Pryx Chamber

During the 13th century Chapter House was built in Westminster Abbey and used as a meeting place for the Benedictine monks. This evolved through the years to become the foundation of today’s Parliament, where the King’s Great Council and the Commons would first meet. This beautifully constructed octagonal building is completed with a stunning vaulting ceiling, glazed tiles and mesmerising paintings. It also features a late Saxon door considered to be the oldest door in England dating back to AD 1050.

The Pyx Chamber derives from an even earlier period in the 11th century. Its centre piece is the 13th century altar set on top of the detailed floor tiles. A 15th century cope chest is one of the last remaining few in Britain that was originally designed to hold garments worn by the clergy at the time.

Deans Yard

Tel: 0870 333 1181
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 10am- 4pm.
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