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Brompton Cemetery

Opened in 1840 and designed by Benjamin Baud, Brompton Cemetery is included in London’s Magnificent Seven of greatest garden cemeteries. The site brings together wildlife and the rich history of the monuments positioned there, and receives over a three quarters of a million visits every year. Upon its creation it was intended to be a garden as well as burial space, but the latter has been given more prominence over the years.

It covers 39 acres and is home to over 200,000 local residents and the site itself is listed as a Grade I Park and Garden. 35,000 monuments have been built in the cemetery, and 28 of these have been listed, such is the importance given to this peaceful area of reflection and conservation.


Fulham Road
SW10 9UG

Tel: 020 7352 1201
Opening Times: 8am-8pm
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