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The Watch Club

Watch Club is the first company to have taken the dealing of pre-owned watches to the same high standard found in new watch boutiques. That was our uncompromising mission from the outset and we have always strived to remain the best at what we do.

We are also the oldest company in London to exclusively specialise in vintage and rare wristwatches. That’s because we are horologists through and through—Watch Club is all about watches and only watches! We have never traded in silverware, or jewellery, or accessories.

Because we understand that buying a watch is a major moment in our customers’ lives, we do not place ordinary commerce ahead of pure experience. That’s why our customers come back to us time and time again. Integrity is our watch-word. It is also why our customers recommend us to their friends – and often become friends themselves.

Our ethos is stated in our name. We are the Watch Club. We live to buy and sell the watches we love, with those who share our passion for beautiful timepieces.

That’s why on becoming a client of ours, we say…”Welcome to The Club”.

A Brief History

Founded in 1981 in Beaconsfield and later Clerkenwell, we were established in the heart of London’s Mayfair from 1996.

In horology, reputation is everything. Ours has been built on good service, openness and integrity. We pride ourselves on giving unbiased advice to all our clients.

In December 2008 we expanded our shop to double its original size. It was always a bit cramped, especially when one visitor was hoping to sell us the very same type of watch that the person in the next seat was trying to buy! We also changed our name from Royal Arcade Watches to Watch Club, and added a new window display with fine vintage watches from 1930 to the 1980s.

Today, Watch Club remains a true original in both the London and International watch dealing worlds and we will always stay true to our purpose.

4 & 5 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street,
Tel: 020 7495 4882
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