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Churchill War Museum

The Cabinet War Rooms are the secret underground rooms where Churchill and his War Cabinet met and worked during the Second World War.

With bombs falling on all parts of London, the Cabinet was able to carry on its business here in relative safety, although these underground rooms would still have been vulnerable to a direct hit.

The Cabinet War Rooms were constructed in 1938, adapted from an already existing tunnel complex and were kept secret from the public until 1984. The rooms open today form a fraction of the large underground complex. Churchill could sleep down here in a small bedroom and there was a canteen and dormitories for the staff, who numbered over 500 people. The Map Room, from where the course of the war was directed, is very much as it was when war came to an end in 1945. A telephone room housed a direct line to the US President in Washington DC.

Clive Steps, King Charles Street, Westminster
Tel: 020 7930 6961
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